Frequently Asked Questions

General Issues

Uh oh! You've lost one of our products in that messy inventory of yours! Don't worry, you can simply send an IM to RenderWorks Resident with your product name and we will deliver it back to you, providing that we have records of you purchasing the product from us!
Request a Redelivery!
Oh no! Sometimes SL and the inter-webs can be annoying and forget what it's doing! No worries, our system generates a transaction log, regardless of whether you actually received the item. Just contact RenderWorks Resident by clicking the button below and explain your problem!
Request Delivery!
It's okay, sometimes there will be issues that even we don't think of! Just click the 'contact us' button below and take a look at the various options you have of getting in touch.
Contact Us

Mesh Issues

Uploading meshes to SecondLife is no easy task, it takes a little bit of background knowledge into LoD and physics Shapes before you can fully optimise your Land Impact and costs! We found a video on the wonderful YouTube community that teaches you everything you need to know about getting your mesh into SecondLife.
Play Video
Bad quality mesh is something we always try and avoid at RenderWorks, some things that may be making mesh look bad on your screen is your Object & Sculpt Quality setting in your viewer which can be changed by going to: Avatar > Preferences > Graphics > Objects & Sculpts LoD
Bad looking mesh can also be caused by the creator not using the correct settings in the mesh uploader. Click here to find out more about LoD in the mesh uploader!

Script Issues

Of course we can. We don't just make things, we love to help you make our creation your own! Simply pop GTASkinCentral Resident an IM and send him your script along with an IM explaining your issue! We'll modify and customise your script for you if you don't know how! Oh, and the best part is... It's free!
If you haven't modified the script at all and are receiving a silly error like this, please send the exact script, inside of the object to GTASkinCentral Resident right away! We'll try to resolve your problem as soon as we possibly can!